Artist Robert Gilbert

Impressed and inspired by nature, I thrive on expressing to the viewer the beauty of landscape.


 As a child, I found art through observation. Through practice and patience I was able to express what I saw and felt with a pencil.

Studying as a Fine Art major in College I became fascinated with color. My drawing teacher was also a painter and his paintings were an emotional and inspiring influence on me. I asked one day if he would teach me how to paint. His answer was simple. He said, "You already know how. If you can draw, you can paint."  My design classes and color theory classes prompted me to explore color in acrylics, gouache and other medium. I was comfortable with pencil and decided to blend graphite with color pencil. The two worked very well together as I explored different subject matter.

Over the years I have come to love nature. I have also become more comfortable with a brush and a canvas. Now I delve in acrylics on canvas finding it to be a versatile and satisfying medium.









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